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Who fantasizes for a few seconds and stops, satisfied? Sin provides the sort of pleasure a parched man feels when he sees a mirage of water. He feels a thrill of hope, yet in the end disappointment only amplifies the emptiness.

God’s Romantic Love for His Church • Knowing God and His Ways

In Proverbs —19, Solomon tells his sons,. Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love. God uses vivid imagery to communicate that he intends husbands and wives to deeply enjoy intimacy with each other. Sex is a good gift from a good God who delights in our joy.

Lovemaking on a honeymoon may be wonderful or awful. Intimate times are shared when buying a new house or burying a parent. It is pursued when God gives conception, and when he withholds it. God ordains lovemaking for couples when we are richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, when life is better or worse — until death do us part — because it reflects his enduring love for us. Lovemaking is more than just erotic pleasure; it is a soul-knitting intimacy that deepens with time.

God designed this soul-level intimacy to reflect the deep, intimate, committed, faithful, servant-hearted commitment between Jesus and his bride, the church. God is better than the best sex. At times, sexual intimacy may seem stagnant or nonexistent. Do not give up. Pray together. Press past the awkwardness and pain. Confess bitterness. Plead for God to help you. Highly recommended.

Thank you, The love of Our Father is not from this world, it has nothing to do with all the words in all the languages. We must experience His Love with tears of joy. You may be surprised.

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This shows that agapao is better defined as a love for which one will make a priority of the beloved to the point of some kind of sacrifice. Men will make the darkness a priority to keep themselves and their sin in the darkness. I just love doing word studies in the Bible. Recently I looked up the synonyms for Character, Glory, Honor and other words. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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We are called to love God and love others, but how do we understand what love really is? AHAB Hebrew word for love. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? PHILEO One of four greek words for love, this one signifies friendship, fondness, affection, delight, and personal attachment. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Greet them that love us in the faith. Grace be with you all. The Meaning of Baptism October 21, John Murphy 2 years ago Reply.

Sorry that should have been phileo not Philemon. Anstey Jeremiah 10 months ago Reply. Loversier 10 months ago Reply. Eros is not a word found in the Bible. Nix Lekorere 2 years ago Reply. What about eros and storge? Nix, from Kenya. Patrick 2 years ago Reply. Cierra Klatt Post Author 2 years ago Reply. Thanks, Patrick, for responding! Steve 2 years ago Reply. Love conquers every thing,nice article,would also be interested in a topic about faith,thanks.

Zoe 2 years ago Reply. Remember that your faith pleases Him!

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Even though your heart may be in disbelief, you still know with your mind that God is a God who keeps His promises. He will draw near to you when you draw near to Him! And, Your faith to trust Him to draw near gives Him great pleasure! So, wake yourself up!

Jesus Lover Of My Soul - Hillsong (with lyrics)

Even though your heart may not be in it, keep thanking Him with great joy because of what you know in your mind to be true about God. Listen to your thanks and praise toward God! Eventually your heart will hear, you will find freedom to believe it, and your love toward God will grow! On Loving the Exaltedness of Our God. Thrill your heart to love the exalted glory of our God!

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The more you grow to love the exalted state of God the less it will require pure discipline to remain in the throne room before the Lord. Your love for God will grow so strong that loving Him and loving the confidence and security that His closeness gives you is what will keep you there.

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You will find it MUCH easier to stay before the Lord because abiding inside His radiant presence will have become your greatest treasure. The principle is simple; "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" Mat.

The God who woos and weds

Grow in your love and delight toward God, and discipline to keep doing it will come naturally. It will also be more fun. Increase your love for God by being very intentional about "hearing" and believing your own thanks and praise concerning the truth about the radiant-glory of His love, kindness, and power that shine from Him and onto you here.

In this way you will be applying the scriptures to "ascribe glory to the Lord. In this way, you will become more aware of His presence because of love for Him, and it won't be so much that you have to depend on pure discipline to "just do it. All of that to say, draw near then "practice the presence of God. Remember that glory is the stuff we love in the natural realm. We love the glory of winning in sports, the glory of a new car, the glory of beauty, the glory of having a close friend. It is in this same way that we need to love God.

We love these things because God made us need something that would make us feel confident and secure. It is by God's design that our love of glory in an earthly sense fits perfectly with the fact that God wants to be a God who is our refuge, our glory, and our strength. Observe your level of delight in the glory of natural things and be intentional to reapply an even greater level of delight as you thank the Lord about His greater glory than that of earthly things.

Direct your heart to love depending on God because anything else is idolatry. Remember to love God as you would a person close to you. Then, fan your love for God into a strong flame by being intentional about exalting and loving Him as the God who really is better than all the "other gods" of this world. Tell everything in the unseen realm about that!

Nurture enjoying the eternal significance of loving and worshiping God — knowing that your love and worship greatly honors God in the heavenly realms before a vast audience of angels, saints now living in heaven, and before demonic beings in spiritual realms Eph , , and Heb Enjoy doing that and you will find yourself worshiping God in spirit and in truth John !

When you don't feel in your heart like thanking God with joy, remember that in your mind you know that the greatness of our God IS worthy of elated praise. Thank God for the truth about God and do it in a way that is consistent with what you know in your mind about Him. So even when your heart doesn't feel like thanking God, it is NOT being dishonest to thank God with great joy in your tone of voice. Doing that is a fitting and proper response to what you know in your mind to be true about God! Soon, your heart will hear.

You will believe. Your love for God and His closeness to you will grow. But let me emphasize again that you should NOT think of what is coming from the Lord as just "radiance" or light or water. God is shining the person of the Holy Spirit onto you. All the attributes of God are being radiated upon you in the person of the Holy Spirit.