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In “As a Boy,“ the second poem in the cycle 1 Lave, Mayakovsky recalled: “I .. on my fetters,/and in the darkness of hard labor, kiss them again and again. . Writers trav- eled back and forth to London, Paris, Berlin, and Prague, publishing books there .. His last important poem, the unfinished At the Top of My Voice, was.
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Et Leonard, il est cochon! These observations also apply to the seven poems that previously appeared on Ten New Songs. The elevated language use in Vassal-Brierre is also reflected in their choice to retain more rhyme schemes than Garneau though none of the translators choose to retain rhyme systematically. This way, the Vassal-Brierre translation keeps some aspects of the original rhyme. The Frenchmen create a rhyme that is not there in the title, but indeed in the rest of the song.

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In what way does the French translation of Ten New Songs relate to the two previous translations? On the other hand, his translation differs from that of Garneau because the choice of words is not always entirely explicit. The lexical choices are situated on three levels here, ranging from rather vulgar Garneau to rather noble Vassal-Brierre and, finally, a more intermediary variant Allwright. These are the original lyrics:. Quite often, Garneau G and Allwright A opt for a similar translation choice, both on a grammatical and on a lexical level.

Sometimes, when one passage is rendered in three different translations, there can be a three-fold difference in the use of elevated language: Vassal-Brierre use an elevated language, Garneau chooses a vulgar translation and Allwright opts for a more neutral word. How can we explain these differences? Focusing on the difference of register, one can ask why the translation of Allwright, who lives and works in France, more closely resembles the Garneau version than the Vassal-Brierre version?

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A first explanation is banal: it seems that the Allwright-booklet was quickly arranged and designed for promotional purposes. Here and there one can even notice an error or typo. There is no clear strategy behind these commercial translations: these supplements were published only twice — for The Future and for Ten New Songs A second explanation is more fundamental.

This could also explain why some of the recent shows in France were subtitled: translations of the lyrics were projected on large screens, resembling what happens in opera subtitling or poetry readings — canonized genres par excellence — but rarely during pop concerts. While there are cases where ennoblement is an unconscious or even arbitrary phenomenon—Berman , for instance, sees it as characteristic of literary translation in general—the comparison of these translations and the source text reveals the significance of their respective contexts.

The Book of Longing translations are marked by a particular institutional context, which seems to justify the hypotheses mentioned above. Paris and from an artistic perspective poetry vs. In other words, it was the author who granted the translator a creative space in which he could carry out his translation. Translation becomes an instrument mobilized in an identity process.

In the thirty years between translating Macbeth and Book of Longing , much has changed.

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However, this explanation is incomplete. The analysis of this complex corpus has shown that the different institutional contexts do have an influence on the translation strategies e.

Although earlier fundamental translation research has already pointed out that translations are often more explicit and nobler than their source texts , the comparison of different translations has shown that several degrees of explicitation or ennoblement are possible. Although the extent to which the translator realizes these tendencies can vary, one should add that other factors may also neutralize or reinforce these general tendencies. These factors can be internal motivated by a specific interpretation of the source text or external e.

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In this regard, the Garneau-translation is the most remarkable one. Vassal promoted the reception of Cohen in France, both through many contributions in music magazines such as Rock et Folk and through translations in books and magazines. In , he travelled to London because he aspired to a theatrical career. There, he also met his wife, who was French, and after a while they moved to France, where Allwright practised a number of jobs inside and outside the artistic sector , before he started his own singing career. In , at the age of 39, he released his first album Le Trimardeur.


This way, he could gain the necessary visibility and credibility as a non-native French artist. His later translations of Cohen e. Just as Casanova explains that translation can play a consecrating role on a macro-level between national cultures , the same dynamics is here at work on an individual level: the prestige of the translated author reflects on the translator.

For this article, I have limited the corpus to the titles in which there was a reference to a French translation. Although in the s Cohen himself would make a French to English! Cohen 5, in Burger Adria, Marco. Accessed 21 Sept. Allwright, Graeme. Graeme Allwright chante Leonard Cohen , Mercury, Paroles et Musique , 33, , p. Alvstad, Cecilia. Assis Rosa, Alexandra. An overview and some trends.

Berman, Antoine.

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Brierre, Dominique, translator. Vassal, Jacques, translator. Brisset, Annie. Burger, Jeff. Chicago Review Press, Casanova, Pascale. Cohen, Leonard. Book of Longing. McClelland and Stewart, Denis, Benoit. Klinkenberg, Jean-Marie. Espace Nord, Gambier, Yves. Garneau, Michel, translator. Glass, Philip.

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Guiloineau, Jean, translator. By Leonard Cohen, Christian Bourgois, Koskinen, Kaisa. Paloposki, Outi. Monette, Pierre. Montpetit, Caroline. Mus, Francis. I enjoyed it greatly, and I'm not even a fan of London. Tags: book reviews , litfic , novels. Luath Press. This is an anthology of poems inspired by aspects of Scotland and predicated on the idea that Scotland is a place with a split personality, veering between extremes. The editors put up online a list of topics, which were then chosen by individual poets.

In fact the topics came in pairs, though the poets worked alone, to suggest these extremes. I'm not sure the idea itself convinces me, because the older I get, the less I believe in so-called national characteristics and the more I incline to the view of Confucius — "people's natures are alike; it is their habits that drive them far apart". Yes, Scots, or some of them, have "attitude", as several poems suggest; so do Danes and Russians and no doubt so did ancient Babylonians.

But because the poets chose their topics, rather than being set them, there is a lot of interest in how each interpreted the aspect they chose.